Turkish Ambassador's Interview To “lebanon 24” (19.07.2016) : The People Itself A Guarantee Not To Repeat Any Coup Attempt

Beyrut Büyükelçiliği 20.07.2016

Inanexclusive interview to Lebanon 24 theTurkish diplomat comments on the failed coup, Turkey's ambassador to Lebanon Çağatay Erciyes to describe what happened as “an attempted coup, not a coup, planned by a terrorist organization headed by Fethullah Gulen, Turkish cleric who lives in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, pointing that “Ankara has officially asked his extradition from the United States to be tried by the competent courts in Turkey.”

Erciyes said in an interview to “Lebanon 24” that the request for the extradition has been underway and the Turkish authorities are going to send it to the American side as requested by the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Erciyes added that this organization (Gulen’s group) has penetrated in official and public institutions, the military and the judiciary and other institutions of the state. It has established a parallel body as opposedto the official state. The Turkish authorities are trying to confront this organization since some time and the coup was attempted at a time when the Turkish authorities were about to seize them within few weeks, a fact thatmay have precipitated their failed coup.

Turkish Ambassador confirms that his country will keep on pursuing all elements involved in the coup and sue them before competent courts. He added that more than 6,000 people have been arrested till now, including about a hundred figures of the main planners for the failed attempt coup. Unfortunately we lost 190 people killed during the confrontation and more than 1,400 were wounded.

In response to a question about what is being said about the fact that the army has been morally affected by the images that have been published on the reaction of people against the elements involved in the coup. Erciyes stressed that the Turkish army is one of the strongest armies in the world and comprises more than 500 thousand personnel. As such the participation of a small faction (6,000 people) in this attempt means that the vast majority had stood with legitimacy against the plot and that this very small factiondoes not represent the history and grandeur of the Turkish military institution. The majority of the military leaders and command chain have condemned what happened and confirmed their commitment to legitimacy, law and respect of the will of the people.

Erciyes added that the Turkish people has shown that they are united for the defense of democracy, what happenedwas a victory for the Turkish people as a whole regardless of their different political affiliations, itwas a victory for democracy and an example for all the countries of the region. He praised the important role played by the different Turkish media in facing the attempted coup and added that all this constitute a guarantee that what happened will not be repeated in the future.

The Turkish ambassador asserted that all measures have been taken to ensure the life return to normal and that the financial markets are doing well again and no negative signals so far affecting the economic situation in the country.

Concerning the fears of possible negative repercussions on tourism, he stressed that traveling to Turkey is safe and normal, reminding that Istanbul airport is a key hub in the international air traffic used by more than 60 million passengers per year.

The swift political and popular reaction towards encircling the attempt coup in less than 12 hours helped life back to normal is also another factcontributed to reduce damages on the economy and tourism."

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