Press Release Of The Turkish Ambassador Çağatay Erciyes Regarding The Rome Ii Conference And Support To The Lebanese Armed Forces

Beyrut Büyükelçiliği 15.03.2018

As an indication of Turkey’s support and attachment to the stability, security and sovereignty of the brotherly and friendly Lebanon, Turkey will be represented by HE Nurettin Canikli, the Minister of National Defence, at the Rome II Conference on 15 March 2018, which aims to reinforce the Lebanese security institutions.

In addition to the commitments to be made by Turkey during the Rome II Conference, a Turkish donation of 147 items including spare parts for tanks and armoured personnel carriers have reached the Port of Beirut on 11 March 2018 to be delivered to the LAF. This shipment is an outcome of the “Logistic Donation Agreement” which was signed between Turkish and Lebanese Armed Forces in 2016.

We hope that this donation would contribute to the security of Lebanon, as well as regional peace.

The Military Framework Agreement dated 11 January 2010 constitutes the legal basis for bilateral military relations between Turkey and Lebanon. LAF has also been included in the ForeignMilitary Aid Programme of Turkey as from 2015. This framework assures necessary legal ground for delivery of various defence materials to the LAF and their participation to military trainings and exercises conducted in Turkey. In addition to that, Military Dialogue Meetings take place on a regular basis to improve cooperation between military authorities of the two countries.

Furthermore, Turkey continues to contribute to the UNIFIL headquarters, as well as the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force.

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