National Day of the Republic of Turkey

İnan Özyıldız 28.10.2011
His Excellency Mr. Walid Daouk, Minister of Information,
Representing His Excellency General Michel Sleiman, President of the Republic,
His Excelleny Nabih Berri, President of the Parliament, and
His Excellency Najib Mikati,President of the Council of Ministers,
Dear Colleagues,
Distinguished Guests,
Friends of Turkey,

I have the honor and pleasure to welcome you all in the celebration of the eighty-eighth anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

As much a joyous occasion, the month of October has brought untold sorrow to our nation. It is unfortunately my sad duty today to commemorate the martyrs of the Turkish military and security forces lost to the recent terrorist attacks.

Our second heartfelt pain came with the loss of more than 600 people to the earthquake which hit the eastern city of Van last week.

On this occasion, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our friends, who have extended their condolences, as well as a helping hand for this natural disaster.

Dear Guests,

The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 on contemporary values and ideals shared by the European nations. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, had this vision to provide the new Turkish state with solid structures which enable us to further improve our democracy today.

Eighty-eight years might be a short span of time in the life of a Republic. For this reason, Turkey looks ahead to face new challenges while nearing its centenary, which will be celebrated in 2023.

We know at first hand, that this is a long journey towards a better democracy and bold steps need to be taken towards this end.

Turkey has always strived for stability, peace and prosperity in its neighborhood through dialogue and diplomacy. We believe that democracy is the best guarantee for peace, stability and democracy everywhere in the world. And democracy is not an end in itself, but it is a continuous process which requires relentless efforts and political sacrifices.

Early this year, a unique opportunity appeared to realize a genuine democratic transformation in our region. We think that the wave of democracy which has built up for years, cannot and should not be stopped.

In this new environment, the preservation of Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty and the strengthening of the peace and prosperity of its nation have become more important than ever.

We are content to see that, despite the political difficulties Lebanon had to face at the beginning of this year, all the components of the Lebanese political life chose to act with restraint, within the framework of the constitution and political dialogue. This is the approach that will carry Lebanon further, in an environment of unprecedented changes.

Turkey and Lebanon share historical bonds, a common geography and a common vision on regional and international problems. Increasing political stability and economic dynamism in Lebanon will provide a better environment for the enhancement of our relations.

I am glad to note that the bilateral trade between Turkey and Lebanon is expected to surpass one billion dollars against all odds by the end of 2011. The efforts of the Turkish and Lebanese business communities should be praised in this regard. Signing of a free trade agreement in 2010 has been both a symbolic and instrumental step in the right direction. The launching of the Levant Business Union two weeks ago has been another encouraging achievement towards the establishment of a more structured and broader economic relationship.

The cooperation and solidarity between Turkey and Lebanon at the UN Security Council, especially during the Presidency of Lebanon in September 2011 with regard to the Palestinian statehood bid, was a clear evidence of the convergence of their policies on major international issues. We appreciated the timely organization by Lebanon of the high level meeting on Preventive Diplomacy, proving once again the similarity of our visions about the world we should live in.

As a troop contributing country, Turkey is fully committed to the success of the UNIFIL which is playing a crucial role in ensuring peace and stability in Southern Lebanon and along the Blue Line. Tonight I salute the representatives of our UNIFIL contingent as well as the captain and the crew of our navy ship Bafra operating under the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force. I am also happy to see among us today the UNIFIL Commander General Asarta and thank him once again for his command and leadership.

Before concluding, allow me to address briefly in Turkish to the Turkish community present here:

Sevgili Yurttaşlarım,
Değerli Soydaşlarım,

Türkiye’nin en büyük bayramı olan Cumhuriyet Bayramınızı en içten dileklerimle kutlarım. Son haftalarda acı olaylar yaşadık, şehitler verdik, doğal bir afet sonucu çok sayıda vatandaşımızı yitirdik. Bu önemli günde, Silahlı Kuvvetler ve Emniyet mensubu şehitlerimizi, depreme kurban verdiğimiz vatandaşlarımızı rahmetle anıyor, yaralılarımıza acil şifalar diliyorum.

Türkiye ile Lübnan arasındaki en güçlü bağı oluşturan Lübnan-Türk toplumunun artan bir dayanışma ve işbirliği içinde bulunmasını, Lübnan’ın toplumsal, ekonomik ve kültürel yapısına olumlu katkılar sağlayan önemli bir gelişme olarak görüyoruz.

Lübnan’da yaşayan vatandaş ve soydaşlarımızın, Lübnan’ın saygın bireyleri olarak bu ülkenin barış, istikrar ve kalkınması yönünde çalışacaklarından kuşku duymuyoruz.

Excellencies, Dear Guests,

I would like to finally express our gratitude to the Lebanese authorities and the Lebanese people for hosting us in their beautiful country and express our appreciation for the close friendship they extended to us.

Thank you very much once again for being with us on this very particular day.

Long live the Republic of Turkey, long live the Republic of Lebanon.

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