Speech of H.E İnan Özyıldız at Second Turkish University Fair

İnan Özyıldız 23.02.2012
Dear Friend Mr. Mayor,
Dear Guests,

I have a distinct pleasure to inaugurate the Turkish University Fair organized by the Tripoli Lebanese Turkish Association.

Last year, this fair was organized for the first time in Tripoli with the participation of 13 universities from Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Over 1,300 students from all over Lebanon visited the fair. This accomplishment has driven the motivation of the organizers to further expand the outreach of the fair by holding it this year in Beirut in addition to Tripoli.

Turkey today offers exceptional opportunities to university students at every level.

First of all, the number of universities has been increased in recent years and reached to 167 in 2011. This increase in number has been paralleled by a considerable raise in the quality of education and the academic and scientific capacities of the universities. With more and more university professors joining the ranks of academia, both from Turkish and foreign universities, the ratio of students per lecturer has remained stable.

Although knowing Turkish is an asset on its own, the language of instruction is either English or French in a number of Turkish universities. Other universities also offer a wide variety of courses that are being taught in a foreign language. Therefore, by enrolling at a university in Turkey, students will also secure a better command of at least one foreign language other than Turkish.

In addition, Turkish universities are constantly broadening their networks and they are becoming parts of different student and academic exchange programs. Accordingly, students will be able to take your part in well-known student exchange programs, such as Erasmus, and have the opportunity to spend at least one semester in a different part of the world, including Europe or the U.S.

Turkey is also going through an economic opening towards the Middle East and increasing number of Turkish companies operating in the region are looking for Turkish and Arabic speaking employees. The same is also valid for Lebanese companies doing business in Turkey. Linguistic skills in Turkish are destined to be a great competitive advantage in the future job market as well.

But most importantly, by going to Turkey, the Lebanese students will establish unshakable bonds of friendship with their counterparts in Turkey, thus will contribute to the furthering of the relations between the two countries.

I am confident that the Second Fair will also contribute to further enhancing the cultural exchanges between Lebanon and Turkey.

On this occasion, I would like extend my sincere thanks to the Municipality of Beirut and the Mayor Mr. Bilal Hamad, for their support and valuable contribution to this organization.

I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation to the Lebanese Turkish Association and Mr. Zaher Sultan, the President of the Association, for their relentless efforts in organizing this fair and wish all the success to the participants.

Pazartesi - Cuma

09:00 - 16:00 / Kon. 09:00 - 14:00

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